10 simple tips for an eco-friendly start to the school year



Bullfrog Power is committed to helping Canadians live eco-friendly lifestyles. That’s why we created our green energy solutions – to help you reduce your environmental impact and fight climate change.

With back-to-school just a couple weeks away, we’ve pulled together some simple tips to help you make this the greenest school year yet! Check out the list below – and if you have any tips to add, feel free to share them with us in the comments.

  1. Walk, bike or scoot to school together – it’s a great way to get active in the morning while avoiding the carbon emissions that result from driving or public transit.
  2. Pack lunches and snacks in eco-friendly, reusable containers. We love shopping at FENIGO for all things litterless lunch – plus, they’re bullfrogpowered with green electricity. Our favourite FENIGO pick: this frog-printed snack bag!
  3. Refresh last year’s school clothes with a DIY upgrade. Check out this video for an easy jean jacket update.
  4. Keep an eye out for bullfrogpowered ingredients when shopping for lunch supplies. Try an egg salad sandwich with Burnbrae Farms eggs, Hellmann’s mayonnaise and Stonemill Bakehouse bread – all are bullfrogpowered with green energy!
  5. Need a notepad for jotting down class notes or to-do lists? Staples’ Sustainable Earth notebooks and paper products are made from 80% sugarcane plant fiber waste – a rapidly renewable agricultural resource.
  6. Fall is harvest season for many fruits and vegetables grown in Canada, such as apples, corn and squash, to name a few. As an after-school or weekend outing, head to your local farmers’ market as a family and pick up produce for a local foods lunch!
  7. Does last year’s backpack have a torn shoulder strap? As an alternative to replacing it, try a DIY repair by following this guide. If your backpack is beyond repair, consider purchasing a new one at a bullfrogpowered retailer such as MEC.
  8. Stash bullfrogpowered snacks in kids’ lunchboxes – Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bites and Taste of Nature organic snack bars are two healthy picks.
  9. Bullfrog Power now offers green power for devices, including computers. For less than $10, students can bullfrogpower their laptops with 100% green energy for the whole year. Learn more here.
  10. Get the whole family involved in going green! Encourage your kids to share ideas for eco-friendly living at home and school—and work together as a family to make them happen.

Just in time for back-to-school, Bullfrog Power is giving away an eco-friendly prize pack with everything you need to start the school year off right! Enter for your chance to win here.


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