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Bullfrog's green energy sources

Bullfrog works with a number of regional renewable energy generators to ensure we can meet the current and future requirements of our customers. By switching to Bullfrog Power's green energy, our customers are increasing the demand for renewable energy. As more and more people make this decision, it becomes economically possible for renewable energy generators to operate and to build new renewable projects. Just imagine: if you and everyone you know sign on for renewable energy, our energy systems will be greener, our environment cleaner, and our future that much better.

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Bullfrog's green electricity

Bullfrog's green electricity comes from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power sourced from new Canadian renewable energy facilities, with at least 50% sourced directly from your region.

All of Bullfrog's green electricity sources are EcoLogoM-certified. Green electricity generators must meet specific environmental criteria to earn EcoLogo certification. For example, all electricity from EcoLogo-certified facilities must be emissions free and be generated in a manner that does not adversely impact the environment.

It is important to Bullfrog Power to provide our customers with the highest quality green power product available. This means exceeding EcoLogo standards in many areas. For instance, we surpass EcoLogo criteria by choosing to source from new generation facilities. Additionally, although not required to do so through the EcoLogo standard, Bullfrog always strives to support the development and expansion of new renewable power projects through our Bullfrog Builds program.

Bullfrog's green energy sources

Bullfrog's sources — listed alphabetically:

B.C. Generation Sources

windBear Mountain Wind Park — B.C. — New
Completed in 2009, the Bear Mountain Wind Park is the first fully operational wind project in B.C. The wind farm is located in the Peace River region and is 15 kilometres southwest of Dawson Creek.

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Blue Trail Wind Farm

windBlue Trail Wind Farm — Alberta — New
Commissioned in November 2009, the Blue Trail Wind Farm is located near Fort MacLeod in Alberta's Pincher Creek region, home to many of Alberta's wind farms. The 66 MW wind farm consists of 22 3 MW turbines and is one of the newest wind farms built in Alberta.

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Castle River Wind Farm

windCastle River Wind Farm — Alberta — New
The Castle River Wind Farm was completed in 2001. The Castle River farm consists of 60 turbines with a total capacity of 44 MW. The facility is located in the municipal district of Pincher Creek, immediately west of the Town of Pincher Creek, in Alberta.

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Castle River Wind Farm

windCowley North and Sinnott Wind Plants — Alberta — New
The Cowley North and Sinnott Wind Plants were completed by Canadian Hydro in the summer and fall of 2001. The Cowley North site comprises 15 Nordex N60 turbines—each rated at 1.3 MW. Sinnott Wind Plant, located directly west of Pincher Station, comprises five Nordex N60 turbines. The Sinnott site is a test location where more turbines will likely be erected in the future.

In November 2009, Canadian Hydro was acquired by TransAlta Corporation. Bullfrog's contract to source power from the sites remains in effect.

arrowVisit the Cowley North Wind Plant and Sinnott Wind Plant online.

Dufferin generation facility

windDufferin Run-of-River Facility — Québec — New
The Dufferin run-of-river facility, owned and operated by Brookfield Renewable, is EcoLogo certified as a run-of-river hydro generation station with a small forebay. The generating station is located in the Town of Buckingham, Québec on the Lievre River, eight kilometres north of the Ottawa River. The facility was refurbished in 2002 to increase its installed capacity to 40 MW.


windMagpie Run-of-River Facility — Quebec — New
The Magpie run-of-river hydroelectric facility is located on the Magpie River in the Regional County of Minganie, in Northeastern Quebec. The 40.5 MW facility was commissioned and began operations in 2007. The river is popular with canoeists, kayakers and white-water rafting tours and the developer has complemented the project by incorporating an interpretation booth and visitors area along a trail and pedestrian bridge that crosses one of the river's arms.

Alberta Generation Sources

windOldman River Wind Farm — Alberta — New
Two new turbines are spinning a few kilometres northeast of Pincher Creek, Alberta, to serve demand from Bullfrog Power's commercial and residential customers. Constructed in the fall of 2006 and commissioned in the spring of 2007, the two Vestas V80, 1.8 MW turbines produce more than 10,000 MWh of clean, emission-free electricity annually—enough to power about 1,400 homes.

Alberta Wind Energy Corporation is one of Alberta's newest wind farm builders and operators. Bullfrog Power is sourcing all the green power from the first two turbines at the Oldman River wind farm. Additionally, Bullfrog Power is investing in Alberta Wind Energy to help expand the project in the future.

arrowVisit Alberta Wind Energy Corporation online.

Providence Bay Wind Farm

windProvidence Bay Wind Farm — Ontario — New
A leading Canadian developer of renewable energy generation projects, Leader Resources is one of Bullfrog Power's renewable energy development partners.

The Providence Bay Wind Farm is located near Spring Bay on Manitoulin Island and currently operates two Enercon E48 800 kW turbines. Bullfrog Power has been a partner since the commissioning of this project in 2007 to meet the growing demand for green power in Ontario. The site generates approximately three million kWh of clean, emission-free power annually, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 2,100 tonnes per year. Through a 20-year power purchase agreement, all of the power produced by the new turbines will be supplied to the Ontario grid on behalf of Bullfrog's customers.

St Mary River Project

windSt. Mary River Project — Alberta — New
The St. Mary River Project is an extensive irrigation development that collects, stores and conveys water for approximately 500,000 acres of irrigated agriculture. Along the way, hydroelectricity is generated at several drops in the channel and fed into the Alberta interconnected electricity grid.

West Cape Wind

windWest Cape Wind Farm — Prince Edward Island — New
The West Cape Wind Farm was completed by West Cape Wind Energy in May 2007. The original West Cape Wind Farm consisted of 11 Vestas V80 turbines—each rated at 1.8 MW. The wind farm is situated near O'Leary, Prince Edward Island.

Green natural gas source


Bullfrog Power's green natural gas is produced in Canada, at the Dépôt Rive-Nord, a landfill gas project located near Montreal, Quebec. Dépôt Rive-Nord is owned and operated by EBI Énergie, a subsidiary of EBI. The project comprises nearly 400 landfill gas wells and seven kilometres of underground collection pipe. EBI currently accepts waste from approximately 500,000 Quebec residents in more than 75 municipalities.

The facility meets strict environmental standards as defined by ICF International, a global consulting firm that specializes in environmental issues.

Bullfrog believes there is the potential to develop green natural gas projects across the country. As the demand for green natural gas grows, we will look for opportunities to support the development of new green natural gas projects in other provinces.
How green electricity works
How Bullfrog's green electricity works
How green electricity works
How Bullfrog's green natural gas works
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