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The bullfrogpowered Green Index filter by region:

More and more businesses and organizations are making the switch to clean,
green energy from Bullfrog Power.

Visionary   >50,000 MWh or >350,000 GJ or equivalent combination*
flameCrown Royal Distillery in Gimli, MB and bottling and distillation in Valleyfield, QC
Unilever Canada head office, all sales offices and 2 ON manufacturing sites
6 ON shopping centres (common areas), 2 AB shopping centres (35%), 1 N.S. shopping centre (50% of common areas), 1 B.C. office property (35%) and the Toronto regional office
Vanguard   20,000 – 49,999 MWh or 140,000 – 349,999 GJ or equivalent combination*
99 branches in B.C., AB and ON and all facilities in N.S., N.B. and P.E.I.
5 stores in B.C., AB, SK, ON and QC
All Canadian ATMs (4,620) and in-branch digital displays (8,121)
Ambassador   10,000 – 19,999 MWh or 70,000 – 139,999 GJ or equivalent combination*
Entire operations
OLG Casino Brantford, OLG Slots at Georgian Downs (60% LEED), digital signage and peripherals (ON), PlayOLG.ca and KnowYourLimit.ca websites
Staples Canada Head Office, Staples Advantage Head Office, 4 Staples Copy and Print Production Centres and 10 stores in B.C., AB, ON, QC and N.S.
Shaw campus, corporate headquarters and national distribution centre
Co-operators Life Insurance Company offices in Regina, The Sovereign General office in Calgary and 4 Co-operators General Insurance Company offices in AB and N.B.
Emissary   5,000 – 9,999 MWh or 35,000 – 69,999 GJ or equivalent combination*
flame Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change - Head office
(135 St. Clair Ave. W.) and main lab facility
flame10 Restaurants in B.C. and ON
boltflameAll offices, distribution facilities and all 22 boutique locations
Toronto office
boltflameCalgary and Mississauga offices
Public common areas of KRP Properties in Greater Ottawa Region
Steward   1,000 – 4,999 MWh or 7,000 – 34,999 GJ or equivalent combination*
Stores in North Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Burlington, Barrie and Ottawa
boltflameLangley, London, Toronto and Halifax stores
flame Investors Group Winnipeg head office and Mackenzie Investments Simcoe St., Toronto office
20 ON locations, 5 AB locations, 5 B.C. locations, 2 QC locations, 2 N.S. locations, 1 SK location, 1 MB location, 1 PEI location and 1 NL location
flame1 MB location
boltflame2 B.C. locations and 2 ON locations
14 stores
22 AB branches and 2 N.S. branches
boltflameToronto office
Ottawa and Calgary offices
Winnipeg headquarters and six offices across Canada
Calgary district office and yard and three buildings at PCL's North American Headquarters
boltflameNorthern Facades Manufacturing Facility
Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton offices
Siemens Canada headquarters and Trench Limited Pickering offices
Kitchener, Toronto and Montreal offices
Canadian Manufacturing & Distribution
Vancouver, GTA and Ottawa real estate offices and global headquarters (common employee amenities)
boltflameCommon areas, food court and offices
Kortright Centre for Conservation
boltflame Restoration Services Centre (LEED) and head office
Toronto, Markham and Kanata offices
5 ON locations, 4 B.C. locations and 2 AB locations
boltflameAll Canadian offices
New mailing system installations
Vancouver and Burnaby offices
Mississauga printing facilities
Pickering store (LEED 50%)
Offices in B.C., AB and ON
National office
Forest Hill Plaza (LEED) and Shaunslieve (LEED) properties
boltflame Burnaby, Calgary, Toronto
Herald   500 – 999 MWh or 3,500 – 6,999 GJ or equivalent combination*
Calgary - Meeting and event space, Stayfit gym, pool, Stillwater Spa and Catch & The Oyster Bar
Vancouver - Meeting and function space
5 locations in Victoria, Calgary, Regina, Toronto and Ottawa (LEED 35%)
Toronto production facility
boltflameEvergreen Brick Works in Toronto and the Vancouver office
Surrey transfer station
2 ON locations
Western Canadian offices
multi-product2 ON locations and 1 AB location
Entire premises
Chapel and suites (LEED)
Beer Operations
Distribution centre
Lobby and Chartroom Bar
Administrative offices and electronic signage
Calgary office
boltflame Kitchen facilities
Meeting rooms and lobby
Head office
Parking garage and EV charging stations, Scotia Square, Halifax
Toronto office
Envoy   100 – 499 MWh or 700 – 3,499 GJ or equivalent combination*
flame 3 vehicles in fleet
215 King Street classrooms and The Chefs' House restaurant
Just Us! Coffee Roasters
Entire operations
Meeting and banquet spaces
51st Floor
10 ON locations and 12 PPG locations
Meeting and conference spaces
3 digital signs
multi-productThe Woolwich Arrow Pub
City Hall
Halifax and Bedford locations
Juice bars and lunch areas
multi-productHead office
flameCafé and roasting facility
Stampede Station Building
boltLobby and Elevators
Burnbrae Farms Free Run Omega 3 Eggs;
Naturegg Simply Egg Whites;
Toronto office (LEED)
flame 9 MB locations
Training Centre
Client service centre
Vancouver and Toronto offices
Vancouver office
flameToronto office
Common area of 401 Richmond
Lobby, sales offices and meeting rooms
Head office
DJO Canada
Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto offices
Entire operations
Vancouver office
flameCommissary kitchen
boltflameHoly Spirit Lutheran Church
Halifax office
Bayview location
boltflameOttawa office
flameWinnipeg office
Toronto Cafe
Toronto office
Ontario TV network and head office
West Kelowna RCMP Detachment
Public yards
boltflameQueen's University Alma Mater Society and Student Life Centre
Lethbridge office and receiving station
Calgary head office
Office area

Toronto and Vancouver offices flame All Alberta offices
Brantford digital printing facility
Common areas of 1580 Merivale and 1111 Prince of Wales, Ottawa
multi-productCalgary Digital Print Centre
ABM network (281 ABMs)
Showroom and office space
Toronto showroom
Vancouver and Ottawa offices
Calgary head office
du Toit Allsopp Hillier and du Toit Architects Limited
Camp Tanamakoon
Wind turbine assembly
Prepress (including plate room) and print-on-demand
Advocate   1 – 99 MWh or 1 – 699 GJ or equivalent combination*

indicates both green electricity and green natural gas products.
*Green index tiers are based on financial commitment to green energy.
All listings are bullfrogpowered with green electricity only, unless otherwise indicated.
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