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Made-in-Alberta wind power! Ontario

With Bullfrog Power, your dollars support 100% wind power generated right here in Alberta. Wind power is among the cleanest sources of energy available, producing no emissions that contribute to air pollution or greenhouse gases. By choosing Bullfrog, you are helping to displace power from carbon-intensive sources like coal and natural gas with clean, emission-free wind. You’re also doing your part to support Alberta’s growing renewable power industry.

Alberta Power Mix

Changing the balance of power
Bullfrog Power is actively supporting the development of new renewable power in Alberta by investing in new wind power projects, like Alberta Wind Energy's wind farm near Pincher Creek.

Click here to learn more about Alberta Wind Energy, one of Bullfrog Power’s EcoLogo-certified wind power suppliers in Alberta.

Understand your impact
CO2 is a major greenhouse gas contributing to global warming, and NOx and SOxare major causes of air pollution. How much CO2, NOx and SOxare we displacing when we choose to buy clean, green power from Bullfrog Power? To answer this question, Bullfrog Power has developed an Emissions Calculator. To view the Emissions calculator and methodology, click here.

When you make the switch to Bullfrog Power, you will receive regular updates on the reductions in your emissions footprint, so that you can see the difference switching to green power has made for your home!

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