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Bullfrog Power has earned the support of leading environmental groups, local conservation authorities, health groups and many other organizations. Bullfrog Power partners with these organizations to educate Canadians about the environmental and health benefits of clean, renewable power.

World Wildlife Fund Canada


Founded in 1967, World Wildlife Fund Canada is one of the country's leading conservation organizations, and a member of the WWF International network. The organization's mission is focused on conserving the world's biological diversity; ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable; and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

Bullfrog Power and WWF-Canada have formed a partnership based on a shared commitment to reduce the use of carbon-intensive energy sources in Canada, promote conservation, and encourage renewable energy production. The partnership encompasses a range of joint communications programs aimed at increasing awareness among Canadians about how supporting green power can help combat climate change and air pollution.

To learn more about climate change and WWF-Canada,
visit www.wwf.ca

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David Suzuki Foundation

David Suzuki Foundation

For most of its 23-year history, the David Suzuki Foundation (DSF) has made promoting solutions to climate change central to its activities. Through a combination of sound science and active public outreach, the David Suzuki Foundation motivates Canadians to take action on the environmental challenges we collectively face.

Bullfrog Power and DSF are joining forces to drive new action on climate change. The partnership includes a public campaign and communication program designed to educate individuals on Canada's impact on the global climate and the central role that renewable energy will play as part of the solution.

To learn more about the David Suzuki Foundation, please visit www.davidsuzuki.org

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The Pembina Institute

The Pembina Institute

Founded in Drayton Valley, Alberta, in 1985, the Pembina Institute is a national, not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to creating sustainable energy solutions. Pembina envisions a world in which our immediate and future needs are met in a manner that protects the earth's living systems; ensures clean air, land and water; prevents dangerous climate change and provides for a safe and just global community.

Bullfrog Power and the Pembina Institute have formed a unique partnership designed to jointly promote the benefits of renewable power, and encourage Canadians to choose green energy for their homes and businesses through Bullfrog Power.

Visit Pembina at www.pembina.org

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Canadian Wind Power Association (CanWEA)

Bullfrog Power is a member of CanWEA, a non-profit trade association that promotes the appropriate development and application of all aspects of wind energy in Canada, including the creation of a suitable policy environment.

Established in 1984, CanWEA represents the wind energy community—organizations and individuals who are directly involved in the development and application of wind energy technology, products and services.

Visit CanWEA on the web at www.canwea.ca

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Canadian Business for Social Responsibility  

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility

Founded in 1995, CBSR is a business-led, non-profit CSR consultancy and peer-to-peer learning organization that provides its members with customized advisory services to help them formulate business decisions that improve performance while contributing to a better world. Bullfrog Power is a member of CBSR, and actively works to educate corporations on the integration of green power purchasing into an organization's sustainability and CSR mandates.

Visit CBSR on the web at www.cbsr.ca

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